Access Control for Property Managers

Today's property managers have too much to do and never enough time. From helping with wide-ranging resident requests to managing everything that goes on behind the scenes, it can feel like an endless exercise in spinning plates.

Often, access control and key management can turn into yet another headache. With multiple ways to enter the building and multiple doors, each with its own lock and corresponding key, it's no wonder so many managers are looking for something better.

The answer? A modern electronic access control system from Yale. Combining easy-to-install and easy to set up smart locks, and advanced but simple-to-use management software, you can wave goodbye to endless physical access hassles.

It means a better experience for your residents and valuable time back in your busy day.

Key benefits:

  • Stop wasting time dealing with old fashioned physical keys
  • Set up new residents in seconds (no locksmith required)
  • Enable instant emergency access to doors as needed
  • Manage the entire system from any connected device
"The security and ease of use have been valuable operationally. Our maintenance teams can manage the Yale locks easily. We gained the ability to manage our detached storage and garage units with the Yale Multi-Family system while keeping the locksets the same for aesthetics."

We'd love to show you how an access control system from Yale could help deliver a better experience residents and make your job easier and more efficient. Simply complete the form below to get the conversation started.