Yale Accentra System Capabilities and Capacities

This table offers guidance on capacities and capabilities to optimize your Yale Accentra system.

System Capabilities and Capacities Matrix

Access Guideline Limitations Notes
Offline doors per credential 50^  
Online doors per credential 50^ Contains online updater
Combined online and offline doors per credential 50^  
Physical credentials per user 3  
Mobile credentials per user 3  
Time until mobile credential invitation expires 7 days  
Online Updaters    
Remote unlock duration 5 seconds  
Online updaters in a system Unlimited  
Audit Capacities    
Audits carried in physical credential memory 15 Cleared when presented to online updater
Audits carried in lock memory 200 First in first out, normal transfer via credential. Also
retreivable via configuration app.
Access Area Setup    
Doors per access area (online, offline, or a
50* If only 1 access area and no other units will be assigned to
a credential
Access areas per credential 50^ Assumes that each access area only contains 1 offline door.
More than 1 door per area or individual doors added as units
reduces this #
Units assigned to a visitor/staff credential 5^  
Available groups 16  
Groups a single opening can belong to 16  
Access areas or groups per user #groups + #doors in
access areas must be <=70
Doors per apartment 50  
Blocked credentials issued per credential 3  
Credentials a block can be issued to 3 (physical or mobile)  
Schedules and Profiles    
Time periods per week 4  
Schedules assigned per user 15  
Profiles assigned per user Unlimited  
Data export file format .CSV  
Residents per lease Unlimited  
Online and offline openings per system Unlimited  
Administrative users per system Unlimited  
Systems per administrative user Unlimited  
Revalidation Interval 1 day- 999 days  
*Dynamic value
^Without the application of groups