Yale Accentra™

Yale Accentra Access Solution for Multifamily Properties

The Yale Accentra™ Multi-Family Solution combines smart locks with intuitive cloud-based software for easy and convenient access management of multi-family properties in a single system. Access updates can be instantly applied using the mobile access app or an online updater for physical credentials. Avoid the hassles and costs that come with wiring every door or managing access with keys while making your property a more secure, convenient, and attractive place to live. Now, with mobile credentials, it has never been easier to provide secure and convenient access to residents. 

Manage access rights for residents, guests, and employees

  • Manage access rights from any internet-enabled device from anywhere with Yale Accentra cloud-based multifamily software.
  • Access permissions are enabled instantly.
  • Residents, visitors, and staff are granted schedule based access to authorized openings.
  • Property manager have the freedom to allow their residents to hand out one-time PIN codes to trusted guests. 
  • Granular audits for facilities to keep track of residents and their guests. 

The Yale Accentra Mobile Access Experience

New and updated access rights are instantly applied with the Yale Accentra Access App

  • Mobile access is available for all residents, visitors, and staff through the Yale Accentra Access App.
  • Users download the Yale Accentra Access App, link their mobile device, and begin accessing authorized doors.
  • Cell service or WiFi is not required when using the mobile credential.
  • Dynamic in-app instructions make access quick and easy.

Yale Accentra is a professionally installed and configured solution which requires a Certified Integrator. Click here to learn more.

Products Compatible with the Yale Accentra Solution

Yale Assure Interconnected Lock

Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to rekey doors. 

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Yale Assure Deadbolts

Digital deadbolts provide a new level of security and convenience for residents and their guests. 

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Physical Credentials

Offering various credential options, including mobile, your residents can choose how they access their doors. Accessory bracelet for the fob credential is available. 

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nexTouch® Cylindrical Lock

Cylindrical lock with data-on-credential. Seamlessly retrofits mechanical cylindrical locks for easy upgrades.

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nexTouch® Sectional Mortise Lock

Perfect for multi-family and mixed-use buildings. Available in a variety of finishes and lever designs with an optional deadbolt for added security.

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nexTouch® Exit Trim

Upgrade your existing mechanical trim with key-free convenience. Great for delivery doors, stairwells, and more! Compatible with many push bar exit devices.

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A robust end-to-end access solution

Yale Accentra software provides a web-based access management solution for on-site or remote management of access rights for users from any device connected to the internet. Designed to integrate with Yale, Yale Assure, and nexTouch brand locks, Yale Accentra allows admins to oversee multiple properties, employees, and site access from one centralized platform.

Since the software doesn’t require on-site servers, you can minimize maintenance costs while enhancing facility management and ensuring your facility’s database is always protected and accessible.

This low-maintenance system saves you time, money and attracts new residents with enhanced security and convenience. And, all Yale Lock Solutions are backed by ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions.

"The security and ease of use have been valuable operationally. Our maintenance teams can manage the Yale locks easily. We gained the ability to manage our detached storage and garage units with the Yale Multi-Family system while keeping the locksets the same for aesthetics."

Easy. convenient. secure

The Yale multifamily solution uses data-on-credential technology to provide comprehensive access control without the cost and complexity of wiring every door or the need for IT support/equipment. Online openings are limited to just a few central locations, and every credential presented receives updated access rights.

Easily manage access rights, from anywhere

Yale Accentra lets you maintain the security of your multi-family property remotely. Manage and regulate the access rights for your residents, visitors, and staff from your living room couch or a chair on the beach. Yale Accentra grants you the power to be in two places at once. Ensure the safety of your residence with a swipe of a finger on any device. Wherever, whenever.

Conveniently access your offices, rooms, and amenities with a single credential. Resident locked out of their apartment because they left their credential behind? Have the manager send them a one-time PIN code to access the lock. The easy-to-use admin portal is optimized for all of your Android, Apple, or Windows devices and is geared toward the workflow of a typical multi-family property management office. Attract new residents with cutting-edge technology and security while giving current residents peace of mind and guaranteed safety.

Our residents love using the Yale key fobs for easy access into the building and their apartment door. The keyless entry technology gives us an edge compared to other properties in the area. One of the best features of the Yale locks are the one-time PIN codes that the residents can use for guest entry, or if the resident locks themselves out of the apartment. It’s easy to produce a one-time PIN code within seconds.

- Hope Grundhoefer Property Manager at The Waites Birmingham

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