Mortise Lock Status Indicators

Enjoy the Ultimate in Privacy Assurance

The Yale 8800 Series mortise lock features an even more visible indicator window, made of reflective materials and able to be clearly viewed from 180°.

Typical Applications

  • Classroom doors
  • Privacy rooms
  • Nursing/new mother rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Meeting rooms

Exceptionally Visible

  • Largest viewing window available provides security and safety at a glance, with visibility at a distance 
  • Patented curved window design ensures that the viewing window is clearly visible, and can be seen at a 180° angle
  • Reflective coating on indicator increases visibility in low light conditions


  • Available in sectional or full escutcheon trim to meet needs and door requirements
  • Available in a variety of functions, suitable for multiple applications
  • Directional engraving provides guidance to lock/unlock the door
  • Multiple color, text, graphic and language combinations available for different situations or audiences


  • Status indicators can be retrofit onto existing 8800 Series applications

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