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All levers meet ADA compliance for national codes. See the Reflections Product Selector to mix and match styles and finishes.





Bright Brass, Clear Coated 03 605
Satin Brass, Clear Coated 04 606
Bright Bronze, Clear Coated 09 611 611
Satin Bronze, Clear Coated 10 612 612
Satin Oxidized Satin Bronze, Clear Coated 10BL --- 10bl
Black Suede Powder Coat BSP ---
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent 10BE 613E 613e
Bright Nickel Plated, Clear Coated 14 618 618
Satin Nickel Plated, Clear Coated 15 619 619
Bright Chrome Plated 26 625 625
Satin Chrome Plated 26D 626 626