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As a trusted name in commercial and residential hardware, Yale seamlessly blends innovation with access control, balancing the practicality and convenience of electronic lock technology for Multi-Family properties.

Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions combines data-on-card wireless technology with effortless integration, ensuring a single system that secures facilities with ease and affordability.

Property managers and residents need something that’s modern, convenient and secure. That’s where the Yale Multi-Family Access Management Solution springs into action! This low-maintenance system saves you time, money and attracts new residents with enhanced security and convenience. And, all Yale Lock Solutions are backed by ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions. Feel like a superhero yet?  

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Save the Day with Yale Accentra


Reinforce your Multi-Family smart door locks & hardware with Yale Accentra™, the user-friendly, cloud-based software that lies at the heart of the whole access control operation.

Accentra lets you maintain the security of your Multi-Family property remotely.Manage and regulate the access rights for your residents, visitors and staff from your living room couch or a chair on the beach. Yale Accentra grants you the superpower to be in two places at once. Ensure the safety of your residence with one powerful swipe of a finger on any device. Wherever, whenever.


Protect Every Opening


Explore the convenience of managing security for multiple properties with multiple openings. Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions has got every opening in your facility covered, including:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Residence Doors
  • Main Entrance
  • Main Office
  • Elevator Call Buttons
  • Common Areas (Pools, Parking Garages)


Sophisticated is an Understatement

The Yale Multi-Family Locks offer sleek, modern designs available in variety of finishes suited for a wide range of commercial facilities and multi-family residences. When cloud-based software meets durable, stylish locks, magic happens. The kind of magic that will continue to keep your multi-family facility secure and safe.


What are you waiting for? Build your access system today.

For a user-friendly, cost-effective, low maintenance and high security system, Yale Works For You. Gain peace of mind and bring your multi-family property to a new level of security. Build your access system today and become the hero your property needs.



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