The firm’s locations often center around areas seeing a rapid influx of new residents—last year, one location saw over 60,000 implants from California alone. These are highly competitive markets where developers are rushing to attract new, demanding customers.

First impressions count. It’s why so many customers turn to Kelley Bros to design and install modern, easy-to-use access systems. These include everything from exterior doors and hardware to electronic locks and the software that controls them. Because today, delivering secure access is just as likely to mean a door that’s opened by phone, fob, or card as one that requires a physical key.

The Yale Accentra advantage

With ambitions to lead its markets with outstanding service and innovative offerings,  Kelley Bros was an early adopter of electronic access control. They could see that integrated systems were the future and invested in building expertise in all aspects of access management. As part of this, they spent time exploring the solutions that would work for both their customers’ properties and their own business.

The answer was Yale Accentra from ASSA ABLOY.

“Accentra just works,” says Ryan Perkins, Branch Manager at Kelley Bros Arizona. Ryan loves how the solution doesn’t require a hardwired connection. This can deliver an instant saving of around 30% on the cost of fitting or upgrading doors to a smart solution. Installers can simply fit the lock, connect it to the software, and it’s good to go.

Yale Accentra also gives demanding customers the modern functionality they love. With Yale Accentra, they can simply use a Bluetooth connection on their phone or a separate card/fob to open and lock doors. Setting up new users is easy. And properties can quickly offer limited access to anyone from the plumber to the dog walker with a click of a button. This frees everyone from the hassle of managing keys, panicking when a set gets lost, or forgetting to take them when you leave the building.

As Ryan points out, “Today, you might forget your wallet or car keys but you always remember your phone.”

Collaborating for success

“ASSA ABLOY has consistently delivered technologically innovative integrated solutions,” says Bill Losier, Access Control Manager, “so partnering with them is an easy choice, but that’s just part of the picture.”

Commercial access control projects are often complex. They require creative thinking to deliver against customer needs. Rarely is there an out-of-the-box solution. That’s why collaboration is a critical ingredient for success. It’s also why Kelley Bros and ASSA ABLOY work closely together on key projects. We speak to customers together as a single team, helping write the specifications to achieve a customer’s objectives. And we’ll jointly develop the solution leveraging both organizations’ know-how, skills, and experience.

As Michael Rooney, Regional Sales Manager for Multi-Family Solutions at ASSA ABLOY points out, “None of us are as good individually as we are when we join forces. Working so closely with partners such as Kelley Bros means we can demonstrate added value for customers in many different ways.”

Beyond individual projects, ASSA ABLOY relies on insights from partners like Kelley Bros to help inform our own product development. With a direct line to what today’s customers are looking for, they are vital to ensuring we make our solutions the natural choice for customers, partners, and architects alike.

Ultimately, everybody wins. Customers get a solution perfectly suited to their individual needs. Our partners are able to better serve their markets with differentiated products and services that put them ahead of the competition. And we gain unique insights into how to create, supply, and support market-leading offerings.

As Bill Losier says, “The sky’s the limit.”

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